Thursday, November 3, 2011

A KiKi for the Next Generation...

Today I received a phone call from my mother-in-law, Kathy. She was asking how Stone and Sylas were doing. Ms.Kathy expressed how much she missed them. She teared up on the phone as she went on to say how much she wished she could drive over whenever she wanted, help watch them, or something as simple as change the babies diapers. Her heart doesn't hurt because she lives miles and miles away. Not because she has to work ruthless hours at the office (although she does do that). She isn't banned from seeing the boys from any type of falling out or dispute. Her heart mourns the "physical actions" of a grandmother because she is paralyzed. My heart ached for her broken one. The only words I could mumble out were "I know. I know. I'm sorry". Pathetic, stupid words. Here she is, pouring her heart out to me and I hadn't anything useful to say. Her cry is one I've heard before. You would think I would have found something wise or loving in response. But I never have. Until now.

Ms.Kathy is a strong woman. She has 3 boys, one of which she is still trying to raise (Garry, her husband!). She has a wonderful sense of humor, an understanding heart, and a graceful charisma. Ms.Kathy is beautiful, and stylish, and vibrant. Being paralyzed does not define her. Out of all those things though, the Best part is, she Loves the Lord with her entire heart.

Tonight I was thinking about our conversation. And, I realized this:
Most physical tasks Ms.Kathy is bound from initiating with Stone and Sylas. Our physical state is temporary. Our souls are eternal. Ms.Kathy loves the Lord and we will be celebrating Him face to face one day.
 ~Now, here's where my heart began to feel peace from our earlier conversation~

Ms.Kathy has been blessed with a unique responsibility and spiritual gift to share with Stone and Sylas. No one else in their lives, no one else as close to them could possibly have the gift or profound influence she possesses. She has been given a spiritual, eternal gift to pass along to our boys. Ms.Kathy has a legacy to share. She, like my Nammy did for me, has a specific seed to plant in the fragile hearts of my sons. Her testimony. If anyone can ever teach my boys how to persevere... how to remain to be strengthened in trials... most importantly, if anyone can teach Stone and Sylas how to remain faithful to our Savior in this broken world, it is their KiKi. Everyone else in their life can talk it or preach it, but no one can Live these things like their KiKi. She is necessary in their lives. God intends her to show Stone and Sylas things I will only be talking about. Her witness to my boys is greater then any physical action. Stone and Sylas will learn to be compassionate, understanding, and gentle through watching and growing up with KiKi. Her life is extremely significant in the spiritual development of her grandchildren. I am convinced God planned it this way: he gave Kiki to Stone and Sylas. And I could have never imagined a greater and more influential role model. God knows exactly what the next generation needs... a KiKi :)
Sylas and Kiki

Stone and KiKi

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